Ubisoft Berlin
Game Jam 2020

The Ubisoft Berlin Game Jam is back!

Continuing our mission to empower, inspire, and connect game developers, our goal is to provide a safe space to meet up, be creative, share experiences, and express ourselves by making games. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Ubisoft Game Jam 2020 will move to an online format.

We’re making sure that this remote edition will keep the social and creative spirit of last year's jam: Look forward to interactive mini-workshops during the week leading up to the game jam, a fun and collaborative game jam weekend, and a welcoming and protective atmosphere for all participants.

Please apply for a slot by clicking the button below. The application page is open until Nov 15th. We will provide all participants with more details on how to attend the workshops and game jam after the application phase has ended.

Agenda and Schedule

Workshops – During Calendar Week 48

During the week leading up to the game jam weekend, there will be an exciting line-up of exclusive mini-workshops during the week of calendar week 48. These 20 minute sessions are hosted by experienced game developers from Ubisoft Berlin. The workshops are designed to be as interactive as possible, so they will provide great opportunities for you to get to know each other and start connecting with your fellow jammers. Each workshop group will be limited to 10-15 people and hosted via Discord.

Game Jam Weekend – Nov 27th till 29th

Around 80 jammers will participate remotely in the weekend-long game jam, hosted via Discord. The jam will kick off with a short warm-up session on Friday evening, after which you can brainstorm, socialize, find a team, make a game, get feedback, discuss, and most importantly have fun on Saturday and Sunday. The jam will conclude on Sunday with a virtual play session, where jammers will have an opportunity to play each other's games, share constructive feedback, and prepare for the community vote where participants will vote for the games they liked the most. Voting will stay open for a week after the game jam, and the top games will be announced soon after, along with a small surprise for all participants.

A Game Jam for Everybody

We invite and welcome all individuals regardless of background, ability, gender, sexual orientation, religion, country of origin, or ethnicity.

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) at the jam!

Impressions from 2019